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-Assembly Automation

-Production Test Equipment

-Semi-Automated Fixtures

-Production Tooling

-Electrical Controls

-CNC Machined Parts

-Mechanical Assembly

-Custom Tooling

-Precision Gauges

-Custom Fixtures

-Functional Prototypes
  -Prototype Molds

-PCB Assembly

-Cable Assembly

-Chassis Assembly

-Electrical Controls

-Wire Harnesses
  -Turnkey Prototypes
  -Product Assembly
  -Contract Manufacturing

-Custom Test Equipment

-Assembly Automation

-Product Design

-Research & Development

-Process Development
   -Design and Drafting

Beta Industries, Inc. 

Custom Machines

Precision Parts

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A Commitment to your Success

Established in 1968, Beta has a wide range of experience providing Engineering and Manufacturing solutions to industry and government.

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Beta Industries provides Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions that help customers bring their products to market. Beta's services complement customer capabilities during the development process from initial product design through production and test .